Welcome to The Pensive Penner

Hello All! Welcome to The Pensive Penner blog! My name is Atticus Rice. I’m a sophomore at McDaniel College, a small liberal arts school in Carroll County, Maryland studying towards majors in Communication and Political Science and a minor in Journalism and New Media.

As described in detail on the About page, this blog, The Pensive Penner, is for a writing project in my New Media Writing class for the Fall 2016 semester. Over the course of the next few months I will be using this as a platform to review pens of many kinds. These reviews will include how well the pen writes, what it’s key features are, and any other pertinent information. Each review will also detail what non-writing uses the pen may be good for such as cutting zip-ties, unlocking doors, stabbing open plastic containers, and any other uses I come across.

The Penroll page hosts a list of pens I have reviewed, plan to review, or I recommend. If you have any recommendations, ideas, or questions, please use the Contact page or message me on Twitter using the handle @pensivepenner.


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