Welcome to The Pensive Penner! This blog is run by Atticus Rice, a sophomore at McDaniel College currently studying Communication, Political Science, and Journalism and New Media. The blog is specifically for a New Media Writing course which will aid in the publishing of posts throughout the Fall 2016 semester. Expect to see a variety of post styles, including reviews, lists, resources, infographics, and vlogs (maybe). Please use the Contact page for any questions, comments, or ideas.

For those of you wondering what exactly The Pensive Penner is, you’re not alone. A penner, for starters, is a device which allows writing or holds another thing which allows writing, such as a pen. The title and web address of the blog could have been simpler, but this seemed more fun and apparently WordPress users have an odd obsession with pen-themed domains.

The Pensive Penner as a blog focuses on exceptional pens for writing, as well as other odd uses. For a pen to be considered on this blog, it must fit those two criteria: great for writing and great for something it wasn’t meant to be used for.